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Terms And Conditions


  1. All rates are for one way trips only. Indicated costs are per vehicle.( please note max passengers per vehicle type)
  2. All prices for tours not on our price list, as well as transfers between two points will be calculated on demand
  3. A surcharge of R 50,00 will be charged for any additional stops other than the pick up and drop off points specified during the booking.
  4. R150 surcharge for normal road trailers.
  5. Please contact us for pricing on off road trailers or caravans
  6. For transfers before 06h00am & after 19h00pm, an additional R 60,00 will be charged per trip and R50 for every additional pick-up or drop off points 
  7. Payment terms:

    Please note that all tour bookings are subject to a 50% deposit to comfirm your booking. The balance must be paid to the driver or proof of EFT payment must e handed in before any tour commences. EFT (Electronic payments/internet payments)-Bookings will only be honoured once proof of payment has been received by our offices. INVOICE - Corporate/Commercial clients will be invoiced as per agreements. All cash payments must be made to the driver before departing to your destinantion although we prefer not to handle cash in the vehicles for safety reasons.
  8. Proof of online payment must be sent via e-mail to or faxed to +27827737942.
  9. Please mark your personal details clearly on all faxes
  10. Payments made by Credit Card will be subject to a 5% fee on top of the normal charge. Services and bookings will only be confirmed/rendered when a successful transaction for payment has been registered by our bank.
  11. In the case of timeous cancellations after credit card payment has been made, a refund will be made within 7 South African working days. All administration fees due to cancellations will be for the client's account/will be deducted from the refunded amount. The same goes for payments that have been made in cash or via EFT.
  12. All our vehicles are road worthy, air conditioned, clean and well maintained on a regular basis.
  13. All our drivers are equipped with street maps as well as GPS devices to ensure a safe and timeous arrival at the your destination.
  14. Our drivers are experienced and have the necessary public drivers permits
  15. Although we will be able to assist you with your request most of the time it must be kept in mind that the successful submission of an online reservation does not guarantee that the service is available at your chosen time or date. Final confirmation is subject to full or partial payment and will be confirmed by our office staff. 

Privacy Policy

Travelear Shuttle respects your privacy. The information collected on this website will only be used for the purposes of making a reservation and liaising with you, or for payment confirmations and authorization. All data will be treated with the utmost of discretion and privacy.


Any cancellations must be done at least 36 hrs before the pick-up/booked time. A service fee of 10% will be charged on all cancellations within 36 hrs of the original pick-up time. If a trip is cancelled after the driver has already arrived at the pick-up point without any notice of cancellation from the client, full costs will still be charged to the client.


Travelear Shuttle is a privately owned Shuttle Services provider in the Gauteng region. We deliver a service from anywhere in Gauteng as a departure point to any other part/region within the borders of South Africa. Travelear Shuttle may, at any time suspend this website or stop all of it's products/service offerings without notice. By using this website you agree to the Terms and Conditions as set out by the owners. These pricing and terms and conditions may be changed from time to time without any notice to you. Your use of this website and any of it's services and any content provided by you are done at your own risk. We do not accept any liability for theft, injuries or death caused to you while making use of our services. However reasonable care will at all times be taken to prevent any loss. During game drives or tours you must adhere at all times to the rules of the game reserve or to instructions from your driver or tour guide. Travelear Shuttle accepts no responsibilty for any injuries, damages, loss or worst case scenario, death should any of the game reserve rules not be adhered to. Clients/ Passengers must at all time take care of their personal belongings such as wallets, cellular phones, sunglasses, cameras, binoculars, backpacks, etc. You will at all times be reminded of this fact during your time spent in any of our vehicles. The onus is upon the client/passengers to inform the Travelear Shuttle of flights that have arrived earlier than scheduled, Travelear Shuttle is not obligated to honor the amended time should a flight be late or arrive early. Travelear Shuttle relies on Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) for flight information, and the carrier will not be held liable for ACSA supplying incorrect or unable to supply accurate flight information for what-so-ever reason. Maximum waiting time is 60 minutes from the flight arrival time for domestic flights and 90 minutes for international flights, there-after waiting time surcharges apply, or with notice to the client/passenger, the carrier will leave the collection point and the client/passenger will be liable to pay for a "no show" charge. Should the client/passenger not be able to identify or locate the carrier or their representative, the nearest ACSA information desk or counter will become the default waiting point. It is the responsibility of the client/passenger/s to provide and pay for the driver's meals, single accommodation and secure overnight parking for the vehicle/s and trailer should there be a booking for an overland trip stretching over several days.


The driver must obey traffic regulations at all times and under no circumstances may the speed limit be exceeded.
It is compulsory in South Africa for all passengers to wear a seatbelt. Travelear Shuttle will not be held liable for any action taken by the authorities or be responsible for injuries sustained to passengers resulting from non-adherence.
The driver may in un-safe conditions or emergency situations, with prior notice to the passengers override or apply different standards to the conditions of carriage to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers. It is the responsibility of the passengers to ensure that they have complied with any health requirements for their travel, including health certificates, inoculation and vaccination certificates, and are aware of the intense physical and mental exertion that may occur during travel, and further warrant that they have no medical or mental conditions that may in any way endanger themselves, other passengers and representatives of the carrier during or after travel.The carrier will not encourage or participate in any way whatsoever to the conveyance of illegal drugs, commodities, weapons or illegal immigrants in its vehicles, and will fully co-operate with the authorities of any country with regards to prosecution of such illegal practices. The carrier reserves the right to refuse to undertake the carriage of, or the continued carriage of any passengers who are intoxicated, unruly, rude, causing annoyance, becomes disrespectful or intimidating towards any other passenger or employee of Travelear Shuttle in any way.No unaccompanied children under the age of 12 (twelve) years will be transported without being accompanied by an adult or a minor aged at least 16 (sixteen) years or older, who will take full responsibility for the child or children. For point to point shuttles of passengers under the age of 12 parents needs to sign an indemnity form. Passenger liability cover is provided at approximately R1million per seat and passengers are responsible for their own medical and personal insurance. It is deemed the client/passenger/s have read, understand, accept and agree to all terms and conditions as set out in these documents and their participation in travel and any related activities is voluntary and entirely at their own risk.

Vehicle Rules

  • No drinking of alcohol or smoking inside the vehicle.
  • Valet fees applicable for any spillage or messes caused. 
  • No eating inside the vehicle
  • No unruly behaviour. Drunk and unruly passengers will be asked to vacate the vehicle or will be dropped off at the nearest Police Station. 
  • No overloading allowed
  • Seatbelts to be worn at all times
  • All damage to the inside of the vehicles caused by your negligence will be added to your invoice/account. This includes any spillage that would require a Vehicle Valet.


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